Light, Bright And Secure: Electrical Considerations For A Cozy Granny Suite

If you're among the many families adding a granny suite to your property this year, it's time to evaluate what electrical features will make it a comfortable, welcoming space for your loved one. Your municipality will have zoning regulations that dictate the basic electrical service requirements. But beyond the requirements for usage and safety, the decisions you make can ensure you meet and exceed the occupants' needs for illumination and climate control. Read More 

Consider These 3 Green Energy Options for Your Home

While commercial installations have to get the most energy per dollar, as well as requiring energy generation that is as consistent as possible, homeowners are not limited by these restrictions. Grid tied systems allow you to generate your own power when it is easy, and make use of the traditional electrical grid when it isn't. Even so, green energy sources are becoming increasingly attractive to homeowners as technology improves. Here are some of the options available to you. Read More